Introduction to this blog

First: the entire blog is being updated, from October 2015. The updates can be followed on the page: “Updates“.
 This blog is a collection of posts and pages about Mikis Theodorakis. My interest for him started in 2008, when learning more about Greece, and the sound of the Greek music, via YouTube. All Greek music belongs to my favorite music, but the music composed by Mikis has been a very important part of my personal emotional, mental and spiritual development. 
The blog became a kind of a study of Theodorakis, the man behind the music, also connected with the Greek politics, world politics.
My reasons to criticize Theodorakis
I do not agree with his latest choices, and I pity it very much that he never stopped interfering in a sick political system, as Greece proves to maintain, not able to get rid of. His political activities and arrogant views on the Greek politics, the world politics, capitalism, patriotism, communism, the way people made a statue out of him, a living legend, an institution too holy to be allowed to criticize, neither allowed by him nor his friends, all this created a strong aversion. Mikis Theodorakis became a source of unhealthy emotions for me, and I stopped with this blog. I made it private.
I had expected wise words from him in the times he could have and should have supported the Greeks. He adviced them to vote for Syriza: Alexis Tsipras was (is) his favorite politician. With this public support he has pushed too many Greeks into the direction of the abyss. We all know that Tsipras has brought the country in a deep deep down under, and nobody knows if the country ever will be able to get out of it. There is no any light at the end of the tunnel. I pity it very much that Theodorakis never ever criticized the Greek rousfeti, clientelism, nepotism, the black money system, the tax evasion….. Each Greek is by birth part of this system, and only leaving the country forever could bring the needed insight, by becoming able to compare the Greek systems (not working) with those abroad (working, at least better than in Greece).
Mikis Theodorakis is not God
Mikis Theodorakis has been a great human being, for Greece, a long time ago, in the Junta time. He is an amazing composer, but he is not God. He proves to make big mistakes: he is human, like you and me (even talented and famous people are humans and struggling with their dark side). A “God” does not make mistakes, a “God” does not have a dark side. 
I wish him for the last years of his life the needed time to find inner peace, and the right people around him to find this peace. Until today this is not the case. Googling on his name does not bring more than his latest political statements. Where is the composer? He killed him, he himself, his uncontrolled hatred, his addiction to media attention, supported by the Greeks who made him believe he IS God. And I contributed to that as well, till July 2013.
Why “The Music of Mikis Theodorakis” instead of “TheodorakisFriends”
The original name of YouTube channel and blog is “TheodorakisFriends”. I cannot change this in the domain name, though I would like to do that. I do no longer consider Mikis Theodorakis as my “friend”, because of all the mentioned reasons, and: we never met, or talked together. I was and am only interested in the composer, and his life before 2010. Exactly the year he stopped composing and restarted his political life. 
I will only add posts and pages about his music, from now on, the restart of this blog in October 2015.  I will only keep older posts, when they are about his music. This is possible without being a “friend”, without being or feeling connected  with the composer’s earthly personality.
Music is abstract. Without a face. Music is for all who like it, also  h i s  music. 
Theodorakis the Syriza Friend
Those who consider themselves as Mikis Theodorakis’ friend (including his politics) are not my friends either.  They are not his “friends”, in fact, they are his always agreeing personally intertwined followers, not daring to be contradictional, not able to think differently. Idolatry is what impels them. Theodorakis does not consider those who are not agreeing with him or who disturb his views, who have criticism, as his friend, on the contrary: he would like to send them to Nigeria. (His exact spoken words towards a Greek journalist, who criticized the myths.)
So: I am not his friend at all, and he is not my friend, we are more a kind of enemies of each other, but at the same time I love his music, and I would like to sing Theodorakis’ music with a deep engagement into the direction of Theodorakis-the-politician and his political choices of the last years, Syriza, Tsipras & consorts, with a growing inner “Oxi”. His music tells me I am right about Syriza and Tsipras, and Theodorakis’ recent politics. 
A strange phenomenon.
A hidden junta
Greece experiences a new “junta” time, but nobody is aware of it: via Syriza, together with Anel. Via Alexis Tsipras, together with Panos Kammenos. Mikis Theodorakis is supporting a dictatorship, and he does not realize it. This dictatorship is working undercover via Tsipras’ democratic sounding words (that have been proved to be lies) and bringing into practice what is the complete contradiction of democracy, with hardly any resistance: the resistance in Greeks has been manipulated, paralysed, also via Theodorakis’ songs, via Theodorakis’ furious speeches. Mikis Theodorakis and his music have been used by Tsipras to win the elections of January and September 2015, the votes of the naive Greeks, the Greeks that consider Theodorakis as their God and Eternal Savior, infallible (So: “He knows, and makes the right choice!”). Even Mikis Theodorakis himself is behaving as a totalitarian! Reason for me to take my responsibility, and sharing my views, via this statement. Freedom of speech is not Mikis Theodorakis’ privilege, it belongs to every human being. I wanted to make clear that my blog is not a political blog, that I am disassociating from Mikis Theodorakis’ political choices, acts, statements and views from 2010 till the present. This blog is only about “The Music of Mikis Theodorakis”.
The consequences
Because Mikis Theodorakis’ political statements, writings, open letters, speeches, lectures and more are even published on all his official and unofficial websites, I will not link or refer to these websites, not using any information of it, not either of websites which link to these official and semi official websites. All what is music there, is intertwined with Mikis Theodorakis’ (what I, with reason, consider as) dangerous recent politics. Mikis Theodorakis and all his comrades share mixed interests. That is why I want to keep it clean. That is why I am cleaning up the blog: all posts have to be checked for “wrong” links, will be updated, and that is why I have already deleted more than 65 posts to “trash”. 
The profile picture
The profile picture of the gravatar, belonging to this blog, is not a photo of Mikis Theodorakis anymore, but a bouzouki, the symbol of the unique Greek people’s identity and freedom. Mikis Theodorakis used the bouzouki in almost all his music, also as a sign of resistance, against the military junta: it was forbidden in that time to play the bouzouki. The Greek leaders of that time considered the bouzouki as belonging to the lower levels of the Greek society, not representative. The photo of the bouzouki here is linked with a playlist with bouzouki sounds: click the photo.
The header
The header is a photo composition of several pictures. The notes are from: “Petite Suite” for String Quartet. These are mixed with a photo with brown textures. Then I used editing-tools, like “water”, in a special program. Together they create colored soundscapes. 
Loving his music,
Antoinette Janssen