My answer on: Theodorakis’ call to arms

In my opinion politicians have the best intentions, according to their level of awareness: the one for the country and its people, the other one for the longing to be be hailed and praised, to be the glorious one. Naive. Not even realizing, not aware, or maybe they are, that politics create a feeling in people that they are needed, but in fact they create needs in a so much growing complexity that nobody is capable to solve them. Politics create advantage out of that confusion. They blossom on it. Politics are based on differences and on NOT-agreeing, not searching for Unity but for what Devides, and creating >fear< for the other side, the other party, the other ideas. It is the growing fear that creates the need for defence, in our private lifes, in the society, need for, (when finally all fears have connected and found each other)  the biggest monster: war industry. So, behind the facade of politics is indeed the war industry, and politicians are just the marionets of Capitalism (read Materialism), also in the so called Communist countries.  Communism is also politics, power, overruling others, people, not idealism as it was in the beginning. Both, Capitalism and Communism, are in an endless smear campaingn against each other. Capitalism, and Communism as well, politics, are the mask of War Industry, based on materialism. Read for more: my Bulletin 1, 2012.

Not outside, but within our SELVES, thére it can be stopped, not somewhere else. It is the GREED, materialism, in human beings, what feeds Capitalism and keeps it alive. It is the fear again that someone takes what we “have”, “possess”, what we could buy with hard working, more and more, not knowing that in this way Capitalism could grow in such high dimensions that it could not go on.

Human beings lose their love for true Life, they lose the love “To Be” by loving Greed, materialism, that means: “To Have” more (than needed). They lose the quality of life, because Quality is not related with too hard and too much and too long working, running, stress, because of that, collecting more and more money because of the fear that the neighbours should have a more nice car, maybe a second car, a third, a fourth, a more modern TV, can spend more money for more holidays in a year, more expensive clothes, more new sofas, a second house, a boat.

Also insurance companies are based on fear and earn much money because of our fears. Health-care is big business and behind it is also Capitalism and NOT, as they pretend, Humanism. That is why Alternative Medicine cannot find its way next to the mainstream Health-Care and Pharmaceutical Industry. Pharmaceutical Industry is big business!! Capitalism there also! Alternative Medicine is based on Ethos and Ethics, on Humanity, on also natural ways of healing and the “old” values Hypocrates teached. Alternative medicine is based on true healing, and not on curing. Stopping symptoms is not the way. Though it is very nice fitting in the getting better as soon as possible because we have to go to work again, soon, too soon, before we are really “better”. Finally the symptoms grow into bad diseases. That is why hospitals never get empty. That is why the Pharmaceutical Industry is doing so well. Corruption also there. Alternative Medicine takes more time to find the cause of the problems, to heal it from the roots, and that is why it is not so popular: you have to cope with the therapist, work at yourself, going deep inside your Self, body, mind, soul. When healed, that what creates diseases, has gone. Patients get really better, and don’t need more health care. That is why it is not big business. No. But why should it be big business?

It sounds maybe strange but materialism is also the base of the mainstream Health Care. For the most of the people human beings are just a physical body, matter, not soul, not spirit, because soul and spirit do not exist for and in Science, not for those who studied medicine on the Universities. Also there materialism. What cannot be seen under the microscope does not exist. Naive in their way of thinking they don’t realize that their instruments are just (still) not sensitive enough to receive signals from that subtle “matter” . But light started shining in the medical darkness. Read a post about Pim van Lommel, Dutch cardiologist, in my Multerland blog.

When reading an article in Athens News about the searching of Greece (Damas) for connections with Israel I was surprised. Why should Greece have any need for better connections with Israel? What can Israel offer Greece, and vice versa, to get a better national income? Can Damas (from New “Democracy”) explain to the Greeks, to Europe, how war-industry in Greece can help Greece itself to get out of the problems? IF there should be a better national income, and it is earned because of war weapons used for killings in another country, how can Greece cry for help to survive itself when it is partly responsible for the destruction of another country? Where is Ethos? Ethics?  As long Israel lives in war with Palestine, and people get killed there, traumatised, I do NOT support Israel. This, my statement, is about politics, and has nothing to do with racism.  To understand me completely and before judging me for racism and anti-semitism: read

It is also true that Mikis Theodorakis has been judged for being an anti-semite because of his ideas about Palestine. Read: Theodorakis protests. Europe is so corrupt that concerts with music from Mikis Theodorakis have been canceled because of this item. Everywhere marionets, robots, parrots, pretending to think by themselves but not daring to have another opinion.

Politicians don’t have any idea where they are working for, and IF, then they have to cope with other parties, other countries, other political leaders and… fail. Finally they lose their dignity, and try to wash their hands in innocense. Where did we hear that earlier? Politics are misleading, not reliable, and it is better that the true democracy starts, in the people, showing that they are capable to work together, to unite, and to survive. We don’t need politics, just each other. And another view on Life. Another way of thinking.

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This post is an answer on Theodorakis’ call to arms

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