Mikis Theodorakis is great-grandfather!


Angelos, the second son of Margarita, married round 18 months ago.
His wife has now got a child on 11 January 2013 at 02.00 am .
It’s a boy. The whole family is very happy and Mikis Theodorakis is very proud. We send sincere congratulations and wish all the best… (from the official Theodorakis website)


Dearest Mikis, we all send you and your wife Myrto, your children and grandchildren our congratulations as well.  We send you, dear Angelos, and your wife, our warmhearted wishes for you as parents. Dearest Margarita, a very special wish from the heart to you here, because it is very special to become a grandmother. May all your happiness be Light.

Beautiful little one, we all wish you a healthy life, a good life, with lots of possibilities to grow up in a harmonious way, surrounded by your wonderful family and your great-grandfather’s music and spirit.


Here follows a video that I made myself for Mikis’ great-grandson: Νανούρισμα -Lullaby, composed by your Great-Grandfather Mikis…., he is a GREAT composer. Welcome to the world, dearest little one!

Very nice to know is that the painting, made by Artist Josephine Wall, has a title: Nautilus, and an interesting text is connected with it: “Life! Where did we come from? Where are we going? Out of the vastness of space a sequence of events beginning with the tiniest of life forms ignites the spiral of evolution. Through fish, plants, animals and birds the path eventually leads to mankind. A pool of life bringing water cascades from the treetops to form a pathway to a bright and hopeful future.”

Singer: Ελένη Βουδουράκη / Eleni Voudouraki
Song: Νανούρισμα / Lullaby ( Κοιμήσου αγγελούδι μου / Sleep my little angel ) – 1962
Composer: Mikis Theodorakis
Poetry: Κώστας Βίρβος / Kostas Virvos

Κοιμήσου αγγελούδι μου, παιδί μου νάνι νάνι
Να μεγαλώσεις γρήγορα, σαν τ’ αψηλό πλατάνι
Να γίνεις άντρας στο κορμί και στο μυαλό
Και να `σαι πάντα μεσ’ το δρόμο τον καλό

Κοιμήσου αγγελούδι μου γλυκά με το τραγούδι μου

Κοιμήσου περιστέρι μου να γίνεις σαν ατσάλι
Να γίνει κι η καρδούλα σου σαν του Χριστού μεγάλη
Για να μην πεις μεσ’ τη ζωή σου δεν μπορώ
κι αν πρέπει ακόμα να σηκώσεις και σταυρό


Slaap mijn engeltje, suja suja mijn kindje
Word maar gauw groot, zo groot als de hoge plataan,
word een man, naar lichaam en geest
en blijf steeds op de rechte weg.

Slaap maar lekker mijn engeltje, op de klanken van mijn lied.

Slaap mijn duifje, dan word je zo sterk als staal
en je hartje zo groot als het hart van Christus.
Dan hoef je nooit in je leven te zeggen: dat kan ik niet,
Zelfs niet wanneer je het kruis zou moeten dragen.


Dormi angioletto mio bimbo mio ninna nanna
Devi crescere presto come platano possente
Diventare uomo nel corpo e nella mente
E non lasciare mai la buona strada

Dormi angioletto mio dolcemente al mio canto

Dormi colombella mia dovrai farti d’acciaio
E farsi grande il tuo cuore come quello di Cristo
Perchè mai nella vita ti avvenga di dire non posso
E porterai se occorre di nuovo una croce.


Спавај, анђеле мој, дете моје, на-ни на-ни,
да порастеш брзо, као високи платан,
да постанеш човек у телу и у души
и да увек будеш на исправном путу.

Спавај слатко, анђеле мој, уз песму што ти певам.

Спавај, голубе мој, да будеш јак,
и да ти срце буде велико као у Христа,
да никада у животу не кажеш “не могу”,
па, ако треба, и крст да понесеш.



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"TheodorakisFriends" is the name of my YouTube-channel and was set up in 2009, with the intention to collect all exisiting quality videos about and with Mikis Theodorakis' work as a composer, and also with and about his activities in politics and social life, from the far past till the present. In the meantime many thousands of videos are organized in more than 207 playlists. In 2010 the groups on YouTube disappeared from the channels, also my group Friends of Mikis, with many posts. To be able to continue with publishing mostly amazing information about and from Mikis Theodorakis, became the reason for creating the blog TheodorakisFriends: http://theodorakisfriends.com/
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