MikisTheodorakis, Australian Black Granite and Oil Pigment (Nicholas Georgouras)


Mikis Theodorakis

He has moved and touched all hearts, worldwide. Also the heart of Nicholas Georgouras. Georgouras created a new spectacular view on Theodorakis, because of maybe the deepest understanding of who Mikis Theodorakis is, and added with his unique Art a new facet.


Who is Nicholas Georgouras?

Never heard the name before today, now. I found it on a blog, obviously his blog, under a photo of a sculpture that looks like a painting, with the title: “Theodorakis, Australian Black Granite and Oil Pigment”:




From his blog: Born in 1946 in Sydney, Australia, Nicholas Georgouras is one of the foremost Australian sculptors of his generation. Working primarily in marble, his work encompasses concepts of power and sexuality with a humanist view. The textuality and sensuality of his work lies in his direct carving technique. This technique is similar to the understandings of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Ezra Pound who stated:

“Every concept, every emotion, presents itself to the vivid consciousness in some primary form. It belongs to the art of this form.”

Here you can see him working:




Sources and additional information:                                                                                   


Updated: 19 November 2015



About "The Music of Mikis Theodorakis"

The blog "The Music of Mikis Theodorakis" started in 2010. The not-for-profit activities of the initiator were and are to collect, create and publish information about the MUSIC of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis via YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and this blog. Sources for this information are utterly strictly related with Mikis Theodorakis' Music only. The icon is a bouzouki. It is Greece's national symbol for freedom. During the Regime of the Colonels (Military Junta, 1967-1974) the bouzouki was forbidden. Mikis Theodorakis used this authentic Greek instrument in almost all his compositions, and Greeks were listening to Theodorakis's music in the underground scene, during the Military Junta time.
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