Re-opened blog

After being “out” for a long time, and having made the blog private, I decided to re-open it. The home page needs to be refreshed as well, and to keep in (your and my) mind why I decided to stop, I add here the content of my previous homepage.


Personal statement and announcement

On June 7, 2013 I got an email from the webmaster of the official Mikis Theodorakis website, W. (In the original text I used the full name.) That email came after my post: A sceptical view on “Recycling Medea” had been published. What W. writes has huge consequences, reason for publishing here my personal statement, published already in the comments of that post, so that you who did not read that last post, understand what is going on. For all the other comments you can go to that post and the comments there. I wrote:

Because I, Antoinette Janssen, speak and spoke always with courage publicly about all what I as a sincere person sense, think and are aware of, where I doubt about and what I criticize, I expected also that the readers of my blog comment on what I write, that they criticize me, or say about it what they want to say, or share, in the comment-part of each post and page, when they might have felt the need for it. In the comments of that post you can read the exact words of W., the webmaster of the official Mikis Theodorakis website: I copied and pasted his words, his email, in its full length. These words have been written to my personal email address; where he found it is a mystery. Besides that: In my opinion it is cheap to humiliate me behind the curtains of this blog. He could have commented here, in public, and not by using a personal  (private) email address for accusations about that what is not private at all: I published it.

Yes, I dare to speak. Open. Free, finally free after having been imprisoned in that what others made out of me. Everybody knows my name. Who I am and where I live. What kind of a face I have.
I expect respect for my work, for who I am. The time and effort that I took and made for this blog (and TheodorakisFriends-Twitter, TheodorakisFriends-Facebook, and four TheodorakisFriends YouTube channels, the google+ page and community) were enormously and without any salary, or payment, not even fees. All because of my sincere respect for Mikis Theodorakis, my passion for his inbeing, but I was not a blind follower, and not without criticism. I explained that already on the home page. But, it is true: “whoever does not agree with the prevailing views is in danger.” (Maria Repousi). Worse: if you dare to “attack” (criticize, or have another opinion than…) Mikis Theodorakis you are banned, or get the warning to leave for Nigeria. Attacking people (what goes even beyond disagreeing or criticizing) without any consideration is obviously a privilege for only Mikis Theodorakis.

The truth is unveiled. Mikis Theodorakis speaks about freedom, about democracy, resistance, but in the reality only his voice, views and resistance are tolerated. Mikis Theodorakis demands his absolute power. It is clear that his intolerance has affected his friends and relations, even the media.

From out of my self-respect I published here [it is in the trash, since 26 October] the full content of W.’s email, because his words have huge consequences for this blog, for me, for you, readers and followers. I published also my answer by email to him, and a reaction of K., who has answered W. to the email that not only me, but obviously also he has got, and who knows how many more.
I can watch everybody, including W., K., Mikis Theodorakis, all, including myself, deep in the eyes, because my inbeing is clean and pure, not guilty, not feeling guilty, as W. would like me to feel. He is guilty for keeping back information about “Les Amants de Teruel” (a question in a special post from February 2013), for accusing me for being an Evangelist because I used the words: “Life is God’s blessing“. He accuses with that Mikis Theodorakis for it because these are Mikis Theodorakis’ words. W. is guilty for blaming me to speak about the word “terrorist”, a word that I read in the subtitles of one of the trailers of “Recycling Medea”, a trailer that takes that sentence completely out of its context (as W. explained because he saw the full film, a privilege that I did not have, because the film will be published on June 20, 2013). W. is guilty for  keeping me away (does he have the right by the way?) from the freedom to gather information from the official website of Mikis Theodorakis because of his unjustified, self created and narrow minded reasons, not serving justice with that, not the general interest, not Greece, not the truth, nor Mikis Theodorakis, not anybody else than his own egoistic self, misled by his own lack of intelligence to understand what I write. W. may be the webmaster, Mikis Theodorakis is the owner. By keeping me away there, W. keeps the public away from information. It is me who made that website more popular. A lot of people did not even know that it existed. An extremely poor website, by the way, in the way it functions and looks, completely outdated, and hardly updated. That official website should be replaced by a new one, built by a really professional webmaster, to create a product that fits within the qualities of Mikis Theodorakis AND the respect for Greece, for the Greeks who cannot read English, French or German. There is not one single page there in Greek. It is for the sophisticated ones, the sophisticated Greeks. The common Greeks are the first to think about however when you want to share something about Theodorakis, because it were they who embraced him before anybody else had discovered his qualities.

Any message about and from Theodorakis belongs in the first place on the official website, in the Greek language. A message about his music and philosophies, different from the Spitha website, that just enlightens one single part of Mikis Theodorakis: his recent politics. Not any word about that where you wrote about, W., Mrs. Gail Holst, and others, can be found there. So, W., if you want to change the world, willing to do something constructive for Mikis Theodorakis’ Greece, start with yourself. Don’t put yourself on a throne, as I read in an article, where you say in a yourself overestimating way: «J’ai la même fibre que Beckett» Well, I am sure Beckett has another vocabulary and a more exquisite inbeing.

You consider yourself, I read there, as Mikis Theodorakis’ friend and for you obviously it means that you can take the right in your own hands to judge for him, to speak for him, to think for him, as you did in your email to me. It have been your feelings of revenge that made you speak and make decisions, not your friendship with Theodorakis or K. You don’t need to defend them. They can defend themselves. Why did you get so angry? Why did you spit these negative emotions out to me? Time for a psychotherapist maybe? You declare that I have a sick mind, but why should my mind be sick because my mind has an other opinion than yours? Or K.? Theodorakis? Nobody rules my mind. I have the right to speak. To think in my way.

You, and K., have proved with your statements and products, that your level of thinking and seeing things has not reached the level that you pretend to have. You are far away from real deep thinking.  With your level of thinking and seeing things, exposing and speaking: You, W., K. and even Mikis Theodorakis, cannot even imagine the high level of the professors and Master Teachers that I learned to know, of the authors of the books that I have studied and read. That is what I tried to explain in my last post, but it is a fact that it is not possible to explain a (spiritual) blind person what is Color or Light.

To avoid problems for myself I take your warnings, W., serious, and stay away from your website. Even if Theodorakis himself would say that I keep the permission to use the website, I would not accept it. I lost my passion. Completely.

I am considering already a long time to stop with my work for Theodorakis. You, Guy Wagner, make it so much easier. I don’t feel sad, not angry, not irritated. I feel good :) Because I said what I had to say. I grew out of my cocoon and learned what Theodorakis could learn me. The school has ended. My exam has been there, via this last blogpost, by taking the opportunity to speak as I am, not to be afraid of not anybody. To dare to speak, to criticize when needed. To share my own insight, my own awareness and consciousness, my ethos and responsibilities, my feelings of beauty, my feelings of doubt or being against, without any hesitation, without fear. I am free.

I thank all followers for following me, this blog. It has been my reward, my payment and gave me the energy to do what I did.  On the moment that it stops there is the number 996. Wonderful.


Antoinette Janssen                                                                                                            

Disclaimer: When I publish news and information about or from Mikis Theodorakis in my blog I try to be as neutral as possible. When I feel the need to add my own opinion I do that. Even if it might be against Mikis Theodorakis’s political, philosophical, social, ethical own ideas, views, thoughts or statements. This is completely according to Mikis Theodorakis’s own way of living as a free, authentic, autonomous person,  stimulating people to act and behave in the same way, to avoid that they might become blind followers. Always the own awareness and responsibility for acts, words and publishing has to be there to serve in the right way.



About "The Music of Mikis Theodorakis"

The blog "The Music of Mikis Theodorakis" started in 2010. The not-for-profit activities of the initiator were and are to collect, create and publish information about the MUSIC of the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis via YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and this blog. Sources for this information are utterly strictly related with Mikis Theodorakis' Music only. The icon is a bouzouki. It is Greece's national symbol for freedom. During the Regime of the Colonels (Military Junta, 1967-1974) the bouzouki was forbidden. Mikis Theodorakis used this authentic Greek instrument in almost all his compositions, and Greeks were listening to Theodorakis's music in the underground scene, during the Military Junta time.
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