Theodorakis the Symphonist

The recently published video:  “Tatiana Papageorgiou plays Mikis Theodorakis’ Piano Concerto 2 ‘Helikon’ (I)” offers all listeners a “new” Theodorakis composition. The video information is surprising:

Tatiana Papageorgiou in the world premier performance of the completed Second Piano Concerto (‘Helikon’) of Mikis Theodorakis at the Athens Herodes Atticus Theater (September 10, 2008). The Greek National Symphony of ERT was conducted by Loukas Karytinos.

This Concerto was composed by Theodorakis between 1952-55 and was discovered among his early manuscripts by Tatiana Papageorgiou, as part of her doctoral research. (‘Theodorakis the Symphonist’, 2008, p.80). 

The concert was attended by Mikis Theodorakis, who previously attended and supervised the rehearsals.

The American College of Greece writes:

Her groundbreaking doctoral research into the symphonic music of Mikis Theodorakis has resulted in the unearthing of unpublished works, in music editorial work, various arrangements, transcriptions and orchestrations of his works, as well as world first performances and a complete recording of his piano and symphonic music in close collaboration with the composer. Her recent piano arrangements of Theodorakis’ songs, ballets and film scores have been published by Schott International in 2011 and have been praised by the international press.

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Photo: Tatiana Papageorgiou (Kathimerini)

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