Teresa Rebull ~ Les Campanes De La Resurrecció

Teresa Soler i Pi, better known by her stage name Teresa Rebull (Sabadell, Barcelona, September 21, 1919 – Banyuls-sur-Mer, (Pyrénées-Orientales), France, April 15, 2015), was a Catalan Spanish national activist, feminist and singer in Catalan exile in France after the Spanish Civil War. She is often called the “àvia of Nova Cançó” (the grandmother of the Nova Cançó). She was also a painter.

My interest for her started with the following video, found by coincidence, and obviously the only recording of her voice, in combination with Theodorakis’ music. The intro of this post explains already her choice for Theodorakis: political activism, human rights.

Títol: Les Campanes De La Resurrecció
Format: EP 45 RPM
Segell: Concèntric
Número de Catàleg: 6086 UC
Any: 1969



A1: Les Campanes De La Resurrecció (Anastassi)
[Mikis Theodorakis, Cristodoyloy, Adaptació: Josep Maria Espinàs] 0:00
B1: Paisatge De L’Ebre (Serra De Pàndols)
[Josep Gual i Llobera, Teresa Rebull] 3:40
B2: Andalusia, Collarets D’Ombra
[Josep Gual i Llobera, Teresa Rebull] 5:17



The Inspiring Spirit of Teresa Rebull

Teresa Rebull has performed songs on the stage almost till her death. One of her last performances is recorded in a video that I cannot resist to add here, though the song is not composed by Theodorakis. I add it here to show that inner strength is not related with a young age. Spirit is powerful, even when the body is not so strong anymore.



Neither I can resist the video with an interview. Just watching her is enough. A wonderful person, and via this post a late but not too late tribute to Teresa Rebull. The interview has been created on 21 November 2014, almost a year ago. She passed away in the night of 14 to 15 April, 2015. Age: 96!




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