1. Canto General

“Sandino” is one of the Canto General poems. In this blog the Canto General poems used for the oratorio Canto General, composed by Mikis Theodorakis, are available in Spanish, Greek, German, French, English and Dutch. You can find them in the menu up here, and in submenus. Search for Canto General.

The poem “Sandino” is about a Latin American Libertador, Liberator. I found very interesting information, and this deepens the effects of the composition, and the lyrics. Note: the lyrics in the oratorio are not always the same as the original poem.

Petros Pandis:












It was when the crosses
were buried
in our land, ending up
invalidated, professionalized.
The dollar came with aggressive teeth
and tore pieces of land
out of the innocent throat of America.
It bit into Panama with hard jaws,
sank its fangs into virgin soil,
wallowed in mud, whisky, blood,
and made a president in a frock-coat say,
“Give us this day
our dayly bribe.”
Then came steel,
and the canal divided the residences,
lords here, servants there.

They hurried towards Nicaragua.

Clad in white they came,
spending dollar and bullets.
But there a captain arose
who said, “No, don’t come here
with your consessions, your bottles.”
They promised him a portrait
as president with gloves,
a sash of three colors,
and shiny new patent leather shoes.
Sandino took off his boots,
descended to the trembling marshes,
put on the wet sash
of freedom in the jungle,
and, shot for shot, answered
the “civilizers”.

The rage of the North Americans
was formidable accredited
ambassadors gave testimony
to the world that thier love was
Nicaragua, and that some day
law and order must be brought
to its sleeping interior.

Sandino hanged the intruders…..



2. Augusto César Sandino, the “Libertador” of Nicaragua

When reading, studying Latin America, the life of Lautaro, the history of Chile, and now with the name “Sandino” also the history of Nicaragua, connecting this with all what is known about the indigenous peoples of North America, about the White, who created also genocides there, settled themselves there as “the” Americans, USA as a state, and realising also that it never has been enough for these “white” to colonise, to go everywhere in the world, even to the moon, and planting their flag everywhere, I realise also that with Columbus not something “good” arrived there, not a “civilization”, he brought low hearted uncivilized Europeans there, who created genocides, torture, wars, murder. They were thieves, capitalists of the worst kind. They said they brought culture to the uncivilized, but it were these Europeans who were uncivilized. USA still behaves uncivilized. There are signs of light at the end of the tunnel. USA’s empire is crumbling down. The Hopi Indians of North America say that it was told by the Elders: they would see America (USA) come, and go. We are near to the time that the Hopi Prophecy is going to become true. In fact it has already begun.

“Come, you pack of morphine addicts; come to kill us in our own land, and I will await you standing strong at the head of my patriotic soldiers, not caring about how many of you there are; bear in mind that when this happens, the destruction of your greatness will shake the Capitol in Washington, with your blood reddening the white sphere crowning your famous White House, the cavern where you plot your crimes.” (Sandino)


SANDINO_by_Arnoldo Guillen

Augusto C. Sandino was born May 18, 1895, and was assassinated on February 21, 1934. In between is an enormous complexity of facts, names, places and years. Impossible to create a short overview. For those who want to read the shortest: wiki

The night that Sandino was killed

On February 21, 1934, Sandino, together with his father; brother Socrates; two of his favorite generals, Estranda and Umanzor; and the poet Sofonías Salvatierra (who was Sacasa’s Minister of Agriculture), attended a new round of talks with Sacasa. On leaving Sacasa’s Presidential Palace, the six men were stopped in their car at the main gate by local National Guardsmen and ordered to leave their car. The Guardsmen brushed aside Sandino’s father and Salvatierra. They took Sandino, his brother Socrates, and his two generals to a crossroads section in Larreynaga and executed them.

The following day the National Guard attacked Sandino’s army in force and, over a month, destroyed it. Two years later, General Somoza García forced Sacasa to resign and declared himself President of Nicaragua. He established a dictatorship and dynasty that dominated Nicaragua for the next four decades.


Anastasio Somoza García and Augusto C. Sandino, before consummation of the treason and the murder. La Prensa / Archive.

Somoza and Sandino

After waging a bitter, six-year struggle with the forces of General Augusto Sandino, in January 1933, the Marines evacuated the country following the election of Juan Bautista Sacasa as President. At the urging of the U.S. Ambassador Matthew E. Hanna, Somoza García was appointed as director of the National Guard.

During peace talks, Somoza ordered the assassination of General Sandino on February 21, 1934 in violation of a safe-conduct agreement. Sandino’s assassination was followed by the murder of former Sandino supporters by the National Guard. In June 1936, Somoza forced Sacasa to resign. Source



Sandinista National Liberation Front

The Sandinista National Liberation Front (Spanish: Frente Sandinista de Liberación NacionalFSLN) is now a democratic socialist political party in Nicaragua.

Its members are called Sandinistas in both English and Spanish. The party is named after Augusto César Sandino, who led the Nicaraguan resistance against the United States occupation of Nicaragua in the 1930s. Source

I mention this name because the name of Sandino is in it, part of it. I have my doubts about their (this party’s) ability to watch with Sandino’s eyes to the phenomenons of today. I notice everywhere that “the enemy” is not necessarily the one in the right wing, and that all what is “left wing” is not necessarily per definition without sin or dirt. In the Intro of this blog I have explained this. The Nicaraguan website El Pueblo Presidente offers a lot of articles with stories about Maduro, the left wing president of Venezuela. Maduro has not the insight to govern wise and loses control over the people and the country. To hold the reigns he behaves as a dictator. I wonder what Sandino would have told the members of SNLF and EPP about this. I cannot imagine that he would have agreed with Maduro.


The masks of injustice, power, evil

Greece’s Tsipras and Maduro from Venezuela are friends. Tsipras is already suspended for changing Greece into a second Venezuela, there are signs, though he spreads the news  that the bad times belong to the past. (The Guardian). Lies! In the media Tsipras is with reason even compared with Erdogan, the slow but steady taking-over all vital organs in the country, including justice, and judges. Democracy dies, and dictatorship rises, it moved from the right to the left in politics. Castro did the same in Cuba. What is so democratic or free in a country where people lived as the Cubans lived under a regime of a so-called liberator, but acting as a dictator, eternally dressed in a military suit, to make all believe he is not a capitalist but the one who was fighting as a general against dictators, against capitalism, capitalists, evil, money, dollars, slavery. To print this imago in the Cubans’ memory day after day he did not change his look. Cuba was a prison. Mikis Theodorakis loved him. I do not and never will understand this.

Resistance, in the poems of Pablo Neruda, in Theodorakis’ songs and lyrics, is born from injustice, and fighting against it: the poor against the rich, the exploited against the exploiters. All is in a constant change, also left wing politics change. It is sad but true: as soon humans smell power, feel power, get power, have power, they change, their philosophy from before seems to be forgotten, because of the “beautiful” smell of richness, also left/farthest left wing politicians and farthest left “thinking they are beautiful” anarchists are greedy humans, when having been educated in the “civilized” western world where the entire society, aincluding schools, train children, young people, adults, to compete, constantly, learning to HAVE. To satisfy this longing. Greed. It is never enough. Economy is a sick view on keeping oneself or a people alive. Economy has to grow, eternally and this is not needed, impossible and killing. Enough is enough. Simple.

It is so incredible easy to be against something, someone else’s ideas than to create solutions oneself for where one is against. In Greece endless debates fill the days of a government that does not do anything else than debating, while nobody listens. Who can listen to speeches that last for hours without falling asleep? It has a goal, maybe, to brainwash all who listen. Tsipras is an amazing star in breaking down everything of everybody with words, and at the same time Greece is breaking down economically because Syriza has not any idea how to bring theories into practice.

The term capitalist is intertwined with the term exploiter, the one who takes advantage of the lower educated one, the working people, the poor people, for their own profit, their ego to create abnormal and unnecessary profits. Here, in this case, Tsipras as the farthest left party leader is the capitalist himself who takes advantage out of the people who do not have the capacity to see through these empty words, they believe him when he breaks down all and everything in Europe, playing the victim himself, teaching the Greeks to play the victim as well also. Tsipras is the exploiter of these people. For his own profit. He likes it very much to be the well payed PM. Sitting. Exposing his Che Guevara ideas as if he understood Che Guevara. This is a mask, the mask of stupidity, of the dreamer who dreams while in government and resisting all what he needs to take Greece out of the abyss.


The masks of the new dictators

Greece needs another Libertador. Not the one who pretends to be the Libertador, as if one becomes a Libertador by talking about it.

When one has become a Libertador, as Theodorakis was once, it does not mean that one has achieved all. Those who live with eyes wide open see that Theodorakis is on the throne of self-complacency, hailed and glorified, an idol. This is a kind of slavery and not the essence of a Libertador. Theodorakis is addicted to glorification and his followers are addicted to him. Freedom, also Theodorakis’ own freedom, has to be defended eternally, every new day again. Freedom itself needs a constant deepening of awareness and has to reject every kind of slavery. Freedom is an often abused term, and the most of the people are not free, while living in the “free” west. In the west democracy, social care, has solved the most of the problems, but there are more kinds of injustice, there are several kinds of poverty, or slavery, even smoking a cigaret is a sign of slavery, every addiction is slavery. Often several kinds of poverty and slavery go hand in hand, as in Greece. Words do not fill stomachs, though insightful words can satisfy another hunger: longing for knowledge, longing for insight, wisdom, insight soothes pain, pain is a sign of a wrong way of seeing, thinking, living.

Theodorakis witnesses the injustice of this Syriza government and does nothing, not enough on this moment. He helped them to win the elections in 2015. He allowed them to use his songs and the not-thinkers in Greece, the blind followers, believed that it was okay, because Theodorakis said it.

Theodorakis has become blind for the intense poverty and injustice in Greece and seems to be blind for the subversive elements, the Greek dictators, the Greek slave drivers that break down every new step into the right direction: rousfeti, clientelism and tax evasion, lack of transparency in administration, lack of computer programs, lack of truthful judges, laws, justice.

So easy to blame others, to point to EU, to helping hands, to take money from helping hands, and after receiving the money to spit at them and continue with the own subversive undermining habits. So easy to be against. So difficult to create real solutions. But, yes, when there are finally solutions, where shall the farthest left and the farthest right find a subject to spit on, to nourish their hatred? This is not political, this is personal, and caused by psychological problems that have to be solved in therapy, not in politics. But since they are blind for their own psychological problems politics are a nice battlefield.

One may conclude that all who finally arrive somewhere in the farthest left or farthest right wing of the political circle, are in an emergency situation and need psychological help. Then, after, they could eventually do something constructive for the country.







1. Sandino’s hat was famous and the group Quilapayún sings about it:


2. A movie about Sandino


3. Fragment of the movie:


4. A documentary 

Video information: In 1979, the Sandinistas won a popular revolution in Nicaragua, putting an end to decades of the corrupt US-backed Somoza dictatorship. They based their reformist ideology on that of the English Co-operative Movement, but was to prove too ‘radical’ for the Reagan administration.
In this film, Pilger describes the achievements of the Sandinistas and their “threat of a good example”.




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