Anarchism and the human pyramid

Anarchists do not acknowledge anything that is “higher”, or “lower”, all is equal.

This is an error in thinking.

Carl Gustav Jung acknowledges the autonomy of each single human being. To achieve this autonomy each human being is going through life processes, growth processes in all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, that lead to an opening and developing awareness, into the deepest awareness.


Dashur (Egipto). Piramide Roja de Snefru (IV Dinastia).


Each human being is comparable with a pyramid, with a base and a top, and the journey of life is comparable with climbing a mountain. We all climb that mountain, at the same time we are becoming the pyramid with a small but shining golden top, the highest of ethics is included there, the full truth, the highest awareness. There we have the full overview and the deepest insights. Then we have become totally autonomous and free. Even if we would live in a society with rules, we would be free. The society with all its rules and duties, rights, justice or injustice, all, every human being meets during his several lives on earth via millions of reincarnations, is nourishment for the development of the true human being inside, the one that the soul is becoming, and for the development of total freedom, inside of us.




We are born with a physical body but though we look human, our soul, our spirit, has a very subtle energy frequency, and the higher the frequency, the more the soul has been developed, and only when this has been totally developed one can be named human. That is why so many looking-like-humans behave like beasts, lower than animals ever could.

This is a universal law, also nature has laws, but the Greek anarchists deny laws, while anarchists in general at least acknowledge some rules. (Read more here.) This is, within the view of the eternal evolution of mankind and life in general, so incredible far away from intelligence, knowledge and insight in evolutionary processes, that even though they might have been highly educated on universities, they are in their evolutionary development still on the lowest level of the pyramid, the base, listening to their basic instincts, exposing fake wisdom, trying to be interesting, to be somebody, while they are nothing, do not weigh anything emotionally, mentally or spiritually, on the scale of balance named evolution.

Anarchists will stay in their self created prison named “base”, will not grow out of their prison, as long they do not acknowledge a hierarchy, not in their own personal development, not either in mankind in general, where are as many different levels of awareness, frequence, as there are humans.

Human growth is only possible when there is something higher, something to reach at, like the top of a tree does. As a human being we must also be connected with Earth, Nature, our soul has also roots that have to grow deeper and deeper into the earth, to become strong, to be able to bear the growing stem, to resist all storms. This natural nature-earth-connection creates a strong tree, the life tree (where also Pablo Neruda refers to in his Canto General: The Liberators)


strength, to say NO when there is something one’s own awareness tells it is lower than where he or she is in that pyramid of awareness, that each one is becoming. Anarchists cannot force their evolutionary growth by behaving as they do, they cannot conquer injustice by destroying property that belongs to others, that is built up by others, to create jobs, income: this is taking revenge, fighting against what they on their low level see as injustice, on the wrong spot, against the wrong humans, with the wrong tools. These Greek anarchists pause their evolution, fall deeper backward in their own evolution. Life is patient however. There can be many more reincarnations in which they can learn what they could learn NOW. With other words: they lose time. But life does not matter: life itself is eternal and has nothing to do with earthly time measures.

It is a sin against oneself to agree with a lower insight. It is justified ethically to say NO to a lower insight. But first one has to know what is high and what is low, learning to see the differences, because there are differences, and to learn ways how to achieve right and justice.

The meaning of life is to grow in awareness, and while growing in awareness one finds ways to achieve the highest justice. The path of awareness if difficult, as climbing the highest mountain is difficult. It is a fight, a battle, against the hardness of the rocks, against gravity, against one’s own imperfectionism, one’s own darkness, but while climbing, the own inner darkness, unawareness, unconsciousness transforms into the light of knowing, the higher one is on the own personal mountain the more one sees around, and there, deep down under. One sees that all on earth is intertwined, interrelated.  The insightful one knows, understands, feels, sees, deep, to the deepest of all phenomenons.

Growing as the pyramid inside, is impossible when taking advantage out of other people’s well being, cheating, lying, all what is unethical, all what is destructive. Serving darkness is against life and natural growth and this process is comparable with cancer cells in the human body. One dies finally, if there is not a therapy to conquer these cancer cells.

Syriza has the insane idea that these cancer cells, the destruction of these anarchists, will stop growing without any chemotherapy (a metaphor for punishment in this case).

Nobody can stop Syriza, nobody can wake them up, nobody can remove them. Only the Greek president can, but he does not: he is a Syriza marionette. Therefore my question here for Mikis Theodorakis, to create a song against Syriza, an anti-cancer song, a song of resistance against Syriza, against their self created anarchist cancer cells, that are spreading in Greece like gangreen.