Extended home page: 7-6-2017


Resistance is not only a psychological reaction on injustice in politics, but generally in the society, social control, social habits, on schools, universities, monasteries, at work, in the social media and last but not least in the hidden private atmosphere, in circles of “friends”, when there are dominating family members, or when one is terrorised in a sect, by a sect, a dictatorial religion, or a bad marriage. We all know what suppression is, even when one is living in a so called democratic country, or a so called free state. We know that Cuba is finally liberated from its dictator Castro, Theodorakis’ friend. Cuba was a prison. A pigeon in a cage or a zoo is not a free pigeon. It is even possible to resist Mikis Theodorakis with his own music because of too much to mention, so read on here.

Important note: even bad habits, like the in Greece overruling rousfeti, clientelism, alcoholism, tobaccoism, tax evasion, and looking away from any kind of pollution, climate change, are reason for resistance, to break down the dictatorial regime of it. Also addictions are dictatorial regimes. Also your mobile is a dictator. Also your cigarette, if you smoke. I do not add videos here with smoking people, when the cigarette is explicit present, like in a Kutulas video with the Zorbas Ballet from 1988. A great video, but opening with a smoking Theodorakis. HOW can people promote tobacco, while NOBODY or hardly anybody can stop smoking when having started with it? Why Theodorakis, and so many others, want to resist the dictator in politics, but not the dictator that creates death as well: the cigarette, and even being the slave of it, so intense, that Theodorakis was even smoking during rehearsals. This is hypocrite. 

Think. Start thinking, finally.