Intro (4 February 2018 – 15 February 2018)

“The Music of Mikis Theodorakis” opened in 2010, with the name TheodorakisFriends. Because of several reasons the blog was deactivated between the middle of 2013 and the end of 2015. For the same reasons a hundred posts have been deleted or kept private.
Main reason was Mikis Theodorakis’ political choice: SYRIZA.  You can find information about that issue when you mouse-over Archive (intro) in the menu of this blog.
On February 4, 2018, during the “Macedonia is Greece” rally in Athens, Mikis Theodorakis made a speech of about a half hour, in which he made his statement concerning the name Macedonia. He has touched the hearts of hundreds of thousands with it. He also explicitly criticised the Greek government (SYRIZA). It is obvious that Mikis Theodorakis has changed his mind about this political party, and does not empathise with them anymore. Therefore I have removed the former front page with fair sharp criticism on his Syriza choice, and Syriza itself, to this blog’s archive.
However. This blog will not start mentioning again Mikis Theodorakis’ political views unless these are relevant in blog posts about his music.
Antoinette Janssen
Norway, 5 February 2018



(Photo header: Vikos–Aoös National Park, Epirus, Greece)