Extended Home Page: 24-01-2016


1. The entire blog has been updated. The blog dates from 2010, and the update started in October 2015, after a time-out of almost two and a half year.  A lot of old posts (about 100) and pages have been deleted, some made private, and all re-published posts and pages are re-edited. All was ready on January 21, 2016.

2.  This blog is a collection of posts and pages about Mikis Theodorakis’s music. My interest for the Greek composer and musician started in 2008, when learning more about Greece, and the sound of the Greek music, via YouTube. Almost all Greek music belongs to my favorite music, but the music composed by Mikis Theodorakis has been a very important part of my personal emotional, mental and spiritual development. 
The blog became a kind of a study of Theodorakis, the man behind the music, also connected with the Greek politics, world politics. And there started a conflict in me. It grew during the years. I started to be surprised in a negative way, and disagreed more and more often with his choices and statements. Finally I decided to close the blog, to make it inactive, and when reopening it, I changed the name. Why?
3. My reasons to criticize Theodorakis
a. His political choices and views; his public propaganda for Syriza, Tsipras and Varoufakis
I had expected wise words from him during the Greek Crisis (not finished). He, as an old man, who learned and is finally the teacher, could have and should have supported the Greeks, not by promoting a populist party, the populist Tsipras, the narcissist Varoufakis, but by daring to be the unpopular but constructive one, triggering the inner power of Greeks, not the weakness, daring to guide them on the difficult path of truth, instead of sending them to the abyss, as he did.
Mikis Theodorakis even allowed Syriza to use the  people’s most beloved music: Theodorakis’-music, in protests, in the streets, everywhere, on Syntagma square, for propaganda purposes. 
Mikis Theodorakis welcomed publicly Alexis Tsipras in his house, more than once, in the presence of press and other media. I consider this as Syriza- and Tsipras propaganda, manipulating Greeks with his own self: Mikis Theodorakis, the icon of all Greeks.
Mikis Theodorakis is responsible by making a kind of a martyr of a man who committed suicide on Syntagma Square, by even being present on his funeral. Suicide is not heroic. It is a cowardly act. I am convinced that a lot of Greeks have committed suicide after, to be a martyr as well. Mikis Theodorakis is responsible for their choice, for his promoting suicide to an act of martyrdom. (Note: suicide is normal in Greek myths and dramas, this is one of the reasons of my criticism, and why myths should be forbidden for children.)
Mikis Theodorakis is responsible for the effects of his acts on Greeks, on the growing popularity of Syriza, and to bring Greece to the border of the abyss. Greece is still hanging somewhere above the abyss. 
b. Mikis Theodorakis is blind for Greece’s own mistakes and subversive elements.
Theodorakis is active as a politician, is the chairman of the Greek political movement Spitha, uses his websites for sharing his hate speech on Europe and world politics, and he could have used his place in the Greek society, as the godfather of Greece and Greeks, to explain Greeks that rousfeti, clientelism, nepotism, the black money, money under mattresses, the tax evasion, all these elements, these subversive habits have to be rooted out before any progress can be made.
But he did not. Or he is blind for it, or he just silences them, to be able to work with clientelism, rousfeti, tax evasion, himself, and others, his friends, musicians, all who are in his circles, as well.
Each Greek is by birth part of this system, including Mikis Theodorakis, and only leaving the country for at least some decades could bring the needed insight, by becoming able to compare the Greek systems (not working) with those abroad (working, at least better than in Greece).
The only other option is the Troika. But being blind, Mikis Theodorakis condemned it to hell. This story was written about the Troika in Ekathimerini, by its chief director Alexis Papachelas, on January 20, 2016. Title: “Shameful failure”. It would be excellent if  Mikis Theodorakis would read these words of truth, and admitting finally he was wrong. I still do not hear anything. 
Mikis Theodorakis is responsible for his public statements, his choices, acts, for their effect on the Greek people, and their choices because “Mikis Theodorakis said it”.
c. Mikis Theodorakis is depending on idolatry and worship.
Another reason to criticize Mikis Theodorakis is the phenomenon of idolatry, and his accepting this, worse: expecting finally all worship him, without any criticism. Some, maybe all Greeks name him a martyr. Next step will be they name him a Saint, an Agios Mikis, the Holy Mikis. Mikis Theodorakis should show wisdom because it is a desecration of the true martyrs.
Mikis Theodorakis has been a great human being for Greece, a long time ago, in the Junta years. He has suffered, has been tortured, witnessed traumatizing cruelties.  He is an amazing composer. But he is not (a) God. Not holy. Not infallible. A Saint does not use hate speech. A true martyr does not need adoration. 
d. Mikis Theodorakis’ does not tolerate criticism and uses hate speech when somebody has another opinion. His disciples do the same.
Theodorakis does not consider those who have criticism worth it to be in Greece: he advises them to to leave for Nigeria. (His exact spoken words towards a Greek journalist, who criticized the myths.) Emotional indecent hateful reacting should be criticized, but not any  Greek journalist dared. Question: Why is it a taboo to criticize myths? Why is it a taboo to criticize Mikis Theodorakis, while he criticizes everybody? What is wrong with doubting about the value of myths, the Greek myths, which are filled with so much horror, hate, revenge, black magic? Does anyone realize what the influence of these Greek myths are on Greeks and their way of thinking? Myths are already a must on primary schools, in Greece. Adults do not understand the myths (of course they can tell the story but understanding goes deeper than a rational analyse), how could children? Myths are indoctrinated in Greek minds, taken as a holy treasure, like a religion. Therefore it is a taboo to criticize them, to put question marks. Taboos belong in radical systems, governed by totalitarians. Mikis Theodorakis has facets that remind me of that. Also the group around him and his role in it: it “smells” even sectarian.
Several people have rejected me for my criticism. They make this sectarian “smell” even stronger.
These observations, within a context of the Greek clientelism, where especially Syriza is contributing to. Clientelism is the word that explains all within this context. Even theater productions take place with people (the director) who are related with Syriza’s politics.  Coincidence? I do not believe so. Not anymore. Interested in Greek politics? Follow my “Greek Crisis” google+ page.
e. Mikis Theodorakis does not compose anymore, but he has time for meaningless politics. 
Googling on his name does not bring more than his latest political statements. Where is the composer? His last work is created in 2010. Now it is 2016. All composers of his caliber keep on composing till they die. But Mikis Theodorakis has silenced the composer, he himself, with his uncontrolled hatred, his addiction to media attention, supported by  Greeks who made him believe he IS God. He should have rejected that because it is psychologically very unhealthy.
4. “The Music of Mikis Theodorakis” instead of “TheodorakisFriends”.
The original name of YouTube channel and blog is “TheodorakisFriends”. I cannot change this in the domain name, though I would like to do that, for obvious reasons.
5. The consequences
Because Mikis Theodorakis’ political statements, writings, open letters, speeches, lectures and more are even published on all his official and unofficial websites, I will not link or refer to these websites, not using any information of it, not either of websites which link to these official and semi official websites.  
6. The profile picture
The profile picture is a bouzouki, the symbol of the unique Greek people’s identity and freedom. Mikis Theodorakis used the bouzouki in almost all his music, also as a sign of resistance, against the military junta: it was forbidden in that time to play the bouzouki. The Greek leaders of that time considered the bouzouki as belonging to the lower levels of the Greek society, not representative. 
7. The header
The header is a photo of Vikos National Park, in Greece.