Who was Theodorakis’ ‘laughing boy’?

An interesting article, with many very interesting historical details.
It was in fact not Theodorakis’ “laughing boy”, because it is the creation of the then twelve year young Irish Brendan Behan
Brendan Behan (painting) was a successful Irish writer (1923-1964). “The Laughing Boy” was about Michael Collins, who was assassinated during the Irish civil war, in August 1922.
The article goes into the depths of the Irish, and also the Greeks. Because it was Mikis Theodorakis who added notes to the poem “The Laughing Boy”, translated by Vasilis Rotas into “Το γελαστό παιδί”, “To Gelasto Paidi”.
The article mentions the times and reasons where this song was used, to sing, as Greeks, massive, on the streets. With funerals of well known, beloved Greeks. For instance. Or in concert halls.  Read the article herePlaylist: here. The Hostage: here. Ένας Όμηρος (The Hostage): here